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Church Communication Simplified

Send emails and SMS messages to groups of people in just a couple of simple steps

Address Book

Easily maintain your address book including visitors

Maintain Groups

Easiy maintain group right at your fingertips

About Church on the Cloud

In this day and age, information forms an important part of anything that we do or say. It’s a lifeblood of any organisation, this affects the church as well. The house of the Lord is made up of people who need to be connected somehow and be kept in an easy to manage database. To make sure that all members feel they matter in the body of Christ it is important to manage communication seamlessly and track any changes in the members lives whether this is a new addition to the family, death or important milestones e.g. birthdays, anniversaries, with Church on the cloud you will never miss a thing. At Church on the Cloud, we know how important it is to keep your member database top notch and at your fingertips at all times. We have developed a system that does just that! And its all on the cloud so you don’t need to worry about ever losing touch with your data .

Who uses Church on the Cloud?

Church on the cloud is suitable for all denominations, big or small. Having said all that we do recognize that some needs faced by different churches are unique, therefore our system does allow for customization to suit your needs. It’s a church management system specially built in South Africa.

What’s in it for you?

Church on the Cloud has been developed based on research on church needs over a number of years. People who are involved in church on the cloud, are devout Christians and are involved in the church therefore have a firm grasp of information needs within the church. Church on the cloud allows for a lot of data to be kept safe on the cloud and provides for easy access to several number of people.

ChurchOnCloud simplifies your church administration, management and communication!

Address Book

Address Book module

Manage adult contacts, mass emails, SMS and powerful reporting.



Easily manage departments and small groups

Kids Ministry

Kids Ministry module

Children management, child check-in system, child attendance statistics.

Internal Communication

Communication module

Monitor your church's growth over time — powerful and beautiful automated graphs.

Small Groups

Small Groups module

Visualise groups and members, track group attendance, monitor small group health.

Events Management


Control the configuration of your ChurchOnTheCloud account, customising it to meet your needs.